BBC contract signed…

Interested in innovation? My new catalogue has now been formally approved by the BBC for use across all it’s productions / platforms.  As well as being a free online library, it comes with free editing of tracks (faster, slower, change of instruments etc.) to create a new ‘bespoke score’ for new films. The library is refreshed every month with ground-breaking […]

Working the post-production schedule

You hear of schedules changing as filming deadlines come and go, and now its my turn. Currently writing / completing 30 tracks a fortnight for the Great American Thaw (3 x 50′ BBC / PBS / BBC Worldwide). Some of them are for full orchestra, to picture! #marathon #amazingexperience

Live guitar

Fantastic to be working with live guitar here in the studio, bringing the guitar tracks to life with live vibrato, hammer-ons and cool slides. The trick then is to get your reverb settings just right to get that American sound #bbc #greatamericanthaw #comingsoon

Idiomatic writing is crucial!

This new NHU project is demanding three new instruments to create a unique project musical style: bluegrass banjo, cimbalom and harmonica. If you can’t play them, you can’t easily write for them! What amazing textures they provide!! #musiclessons #rtfm

New score for a new BBC series

Exciting! The filming has just finished, the first edit started this week, and my first ten styles have been delivered to the producers for creative collaborations. Symphony orchestra, techno grooves, 21st century sound creation, live guitar… it’s taken many years to build up these ground-breaking resources and its brilliant to be bringing them to a major […]

New live orchestral score

Fabulous fun to write & record this new music for EMI’s Sparkle and Burn label (released 21/3/16). The aim: an intimate yet modern take on ‘summer’, using new soundscapes to support the live players at Angel Studios, London. Well done everyone! Brilliant team effort!

Engineering opportunities

Fantastic day in London getting the main themes pro-engineered for a new BBC1 project, to be aired very soon. With 3D balancing, compressing and limiting, the music’s all ready for the final mix next week!

Inspiring Christmas lists!

It’s Christmas Eve, but there are two lists still to complete: for the director and the sound engineer. It’s a fantastic creative experience moulding each cue to picture lock, before stripping the cue ready for the engineer! Coming soon to BBC1.

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